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March 1, 2017

Haines Family, 興氏學校的家庭們

During the month of March, we will celebrate Women’s History Month and go into testing mode.


This year I ask that all women of Haines family come and share their experience to a classroom.  Please let me know if you are interested.

今年我邀請興氏學校家庭的所有婦女來到課室分享他們的人生經驗 如果您有興趣,請讓我知道。

Our students in third through eighth grade will take the PARCC assessment starting March 15th and ending March 31st.  Don’t forget to read about Test taking tips on the website. For more information on PARCC, please visit

我們的三至八年級學生將於315日至331日期間參加PARCC考試, 不要忘了閱讀關於考試在網站上的提示有關PARCC的更多信息,請上這網址//

Don’t forget about our ACE awards.  If you haven’t already done so, please   and nominate “A Champion in Education” at Haines.  Every nominee will be honored in April and one person will win a $100.00 cash prize. Nominations must be submitted by Friday, March 17. The ACE Awards is a new award to celebrate Haines' staff and teachers.

不要忘記我們的教育優勝者獎項如果您還沒有提名,請上這網址,提名興氏學校的教育優勝者 每一個被提名的人將在4月份獲得榮譽,一個人將贏得$ 100.00現金獎提名必須在317日星期五之前提交。是一個新的獎項,以表揚興氏學校的員工和教師。 

Have a wonderful month!



Catherine Amy Moy Davis, Principal

The National Title I Distinguished School honor is based on exceptional student performance over the past two years. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) would like to honor Haines Elementary School as a National Title I Distinguished here

Haines is a National Title 1 Distinguished School