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Sept 6th, 2016

Haines Family,

I am excited to welcome you to Flight 2016! I hope that your summer has provided you with many memorable opportunities to spend time with family and friends. It is an honor and privilege to serve as the principal of such an amazing and exemplary neighborhood school in Chinatown.

As we prepare to embark on an awesome year, I am reminded that the beginning of school is truly a special time, and I am eagerly looking forward to partnering with you as we continue to nurture the ongoing development of your child.

Please welcome the new assistant principal, Mr. Scott Scherquist to the building. He served as Haines’ resident principal last year. Other new staff members are: Mr. J. Lee, 4th grade bilingual teacher, Ms. R. Grober, Middle School Language Arts teacher, and Ms. F. Kia, Music teacher. The custodial staff, Ms. Willis, Ms. Garcia, and Mr. Martinez has been working hard to thoroughly prepare the halls and classrooms of Haines. The teachers and administrators at Haines participated in ongoing professional development over the summer and we are ready for Flight 2016! Please check in periodically and join us on our journey to success at Haines School.


我很高興地歡迎您搭乘航空2016。在暑假期間,我希望您有許多難忘的回憶與家人及朋友一起分享。 這是一個很榮幸的機會能在這個優秀和模範的唐人街社區學校擔任校長。


在這裡,請歡迎學校新的副校長,Mr. Scott Scherquist施史葛。他是興氏小學去年的實習校長。其他新的老師有:四年級雙語老師 Mr. J. Lee,中學閱讀老師, Ms. R. Grober和音樂老師Ms. F. Kia。監護員工: Ms. Willis, Ms. Garcia 和Mr. Martinez 一直很努力地準備學校走廊和教室的整潔。興氏老師和學校主管在暑假期間也有持續培訓,我們也準備好搭乘航空2016。請定期上網檢閱並一起與我們加入興氏學校成功旅程。